Update on graphemes brackets

In a previous post, I encouraged using the LEFT-POINTING ANGLE BRACKET (U+2329) and the RIGHT-POINTING ANGLE BRACKET (U+232A) for graphemic transcriptions. However, the new Unicode Standard (Version 8.0) has marked those characters as deprecated for mathematical use, due to their resemblance with the CJK punctuation (check out here). They suggest to use the following substitutes: MATHEMATICAL LEFT ANGLE […]

Parenthesis for graphemes

I wondered for a while which unicode parentheses I was supposed to use for graphemic representations. Going over the Charis SIL docs with a fine tooth comb and asking the support, I finally found out that the chosen parentheses for representing graphemes are: LEFT-POINTING ANGLE BRACKET (U+2329): 〈 RIGHT-POINTING ANGLE BRACKET (U+232A): 〉 These are […]