Update on graphemes brackets

In a previous post, I encouraged using the LEFT-POINTING ANGLE BRACKET (U+2329) and the RIGHT-POINTING ANGLE BRACKET (U+232A) for graphemic transcriptions. However, the new Unicode Standard (Version 8.0) has marked those characters as deprecated for mathematical use, due to their resemblance with the CJK punctuation (check out here). They suggest to use the following substitutes: MATHEMATICAL LEFT ANGLE […]

Language documentation and documentary linguistics

language documentation

I firmly believe linguistics is—or at least should aim to be—about a deep and holistic understanding of human Language, understood as the human faculty of communication through (human) language(s).1In order to express clearly a distinction lost in the English lexicon, I consistently use “Language” for the human faculty and “language” for a specific linguistic system. […]

Wikipedia and the “Dialects of Italy”

The Italian Wikipedia has reached a number of 1,215,574 articles, with 1,247,172 registered users (source: Italian Wikipedia Statistics). That’s more or less one user per article. The Italian encyclopaedia counts an average of 358,814 views per hour (source: Wikipedia Statistics). Nevertheless, the linguistics presence suffers from a variety of cyber-diseases. According to the figures described on […]

Phonological rules in LaTeX

If you wish to easily typeset SPE-like phonological rules with LaTeX, you can use a package I developed for that purpose. The package in question is phonrule. It comes with the TeX Live distribution so you shouldn’t need to install it. You can have a look at it at CTAN. It comes with some useful […]