Research output

Talks and posters

2017 Vowel duration and tongue root advancement in Italian and Polish. Talk presented at Ultrafest VIII, 4 Oct, University of Potsdam, Germany.
2017 A streamlined workflow for “doing phonetics by computer” (using Praat and R). Talk presented at the Postgraduate Academic Research in Linguistics at York (PARLAY), 15 Sep, University of York, UK.
2017 Towards an articulatory based typology of laryngeal effects on vowel duration. Poster presented at the 25th Manchester Phonology Meeting (25mfm), 25–27 May, University of Manchester.
2017 Reproducibility and phonetic research: a computational workflow. Paper presented at the Manchester Forum in Linguistics 2017 (mFiL 2017), 28–29 April, University of Manchester.
2015 A new case of “rhinoglottophilia:” from nasalisation to aspiration. Paper presented at the Second Edinburgh Symposium on Historical Phonology (ESoHPh2), 3–4 December, University of Edinburgh.

Software and packages

2017 tidymv, Tidy Model Visualisation
2017 rticulate, Ultrasound Tongue Imaging in R
2017 speakr, an R wrapper for the phonetic software Praat
2016 SFM exporter
2016 language-praat, PRAAT scripting language support in the Atom Editor
2013 phonrule, LaTeX macros for typesetting phonological rules