My research interests gravitate towards the study of human language and of speech sounds, from a variety of intersecting perspectives. In particular, I am interested in speech production, sound change and computational modelling. For my PhD project (supervised by Dr Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero and Dr Patrycja Strycharczuk), I am currently investigating the effect of consonant voicing on vowel duration, using ultrasound tongue imaging and electroglottography.

My position regarding phonology can be summarised as follows:

  • it is a dynamic system (Thelen & Smith 2006, Vihman 2014)
  • it is part of a complex socio-cultural system (de Boer 2015, Foulkes & Docherty 2006, Thompson et al. 2016)
  • it is a complex physical system (Ohala 1990, 2005)
  • it is a complex neuro-cognitive system
    • it is rich in details (Johnson 1997, Pierrehumbert 2001, Bybee 2002)
    • it is self-organising and emergent (Wedel 2007, 2011)

I also consider these statements as extendable to language as a holistic system.

Academic interests

  • Phonetics and Phonology (PhonPhon)
  • Language description
  • Typology and Diachronic linguistics
  • Phonology–morphosyntax interaction
  • Graphemics
  • Computer science and technology
  • Data science


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